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IMS Pump

Sumas utilizes primarily IMS pumps ranging in sizes up to 12". These pumps are  capable of handling animal, vegetable, municipal, pulp and paper wastes in a wide array of consistencies ranging from liquid slurries to semisolids. Impeller heads can vary depending on the type or class of material, allowing a versatile use of the pump.  Materials that contain debris such as plastics, paper and/or semi-solid chunks, that are small enough to pass through the pumps, are ground and shredded using one of our Muffin Monsters, that likewise range in sizes up to 12". These machines are extremely effective in breaking down materials commonly found in wastewater treatment plants before the materials are removed for beneficial reuse or land application purposes.

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IMS PUMPS produce higher volumes per hour than any other pumps in its class.  Its patented pump and design features deliver the highest volumes of thicker, more viscous material.  Other advantages also include the ability to:

*Minimize turbidity
*Better control discharge of solids
*Single unit transportation

IMS pumps increase operating efficiency.  They are built from standard components and are easy to service.

Model Numbers 4010 Pump 5012 Pump
Pump Size 10in 254mm 12in 305mm
Spherical Solids 6in 152mm 6in 152mm
Discharge Volume
Water 0-4,500gpm 0-17,000l/m 0-6,000gpm 0-22,700l/m
Sludge 0-3,000gpm 0-11,350l/m 0-4,000gpm 0-15150l/m
Max TDH 100+ft 30.5+m 100+ft 30.5+m
Power 177HP 132kW 250HP 187kW
Fuel Capacity 100gal 379l 220gal 833l
Working Depth User defined User defined User defined User defined



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