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Improved Wastewater Treatment Performance


MaxGro is a blend of essential vitamins and micronutrients to promote optimum degradation rates of target contaminants in activated sludge wastewater treatment plants.

Microorganisms which degrade recalcitrant organics (such as pulp and paper waste, solvents and polynuclear aromatic compounds) build critical cell material far less efficiently than microorganisms which degrade more common waste matter. This deficiency can be overcome with proper additions of selected vitamins and micronutrients.

Sumas Environmental Services MaxGro delivers a complex matrix of essential chemicals which promote ideal growing conditions. Optimizing conditions with these essential components will dramatically improve overall bacterial growth rates, greatly reducing the time required to complete the degradation of recalcitrant contaminants. MaxGro helps you significantly reduce the duration and expense of treatment, resulting in substantial cost savings and greater safety for the environment.



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