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Specialty Inoculum for
Environmental and Industrial Applications


Sumas Environmental Services in conjunction with our affiliate partners have developed a series of anaerobic, aerobic and facultative bacterial cultures (BioDegraders) for the degradation of a wide variety of industrial wastes and environmental contaminants.

Sumas Environmental Inc. provides these specialized bacterial cultures primarily for wastewater treatment applications and on-site cleanup of environmental contaminants in soil and groundwater. Included are organisms for degradation of chlorinated solvents, pesticides and a wide range of aliphatic and aromatic compounds.

Today's activated biosolids treatment systems and other commonly used treatment systems can cease to function properly because the population of bacteria within the systems become depleted in number or because selected organisms, which break down certain contaminants in a wastewater treatment plant, die off.

When either of these problems occur it becomes necessary to supplement the existing bacterial populations with the appropriate bacterial inoculum in order that the system corrects itself quickly. Further, prophylactic doses of bacteria will assure continued efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant.  Sumas Environmental Services has built a strong reputation for saving our clients money. Our success to date is totally attributed to the quality of our product performance and our consistent ability to deliver the lowest cost option on competitive projects.



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